Redirect Bypasser

Identifies redirected URLs and allows you to visit the target link directly, avoiding unwanted redirects...

Version 2.1.3 Jun. 03, 2016
Demo: Demo
Download: Opera Browser/Chrome - Firefox


Useful to avoid frame pages (e.g., Google images, Yahoo, Bing...) , ads, surveys, unwanted redirects...


* Extract links recursively (every URL found are added to a pop-up overlay while hovering the link to let the user choose the best option in a fast way).

* Decode obfuscated links as "reverse", base64 and hex. (tricks used by some sites to prevent direct access to the original web address).

* Extract web addresses within tag's attributes (e.g. onclick, onmouseover...), text contents and JavaScript: protocol (mostly used to open pop-ups or to show overlays).

* Extract web addresses from plug-ins (useful to open flash games, videos... in a new tab or to get URL of videos, musics...).

* Can handle dynamic content (links that move or hide...) very well.

* The icons are sorted by file extension and auto-set colors based on algorithm used, for the user identify them quickly. As an example, while browsing any site (e.g. Google images) the blue icon was the desired target, another link that show blue icon is likely to be the desired one too.

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French translantion
Compatibility with WebExtensions (Gecko/47+)


Speed improvements
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  1. I just got the update to Redirect Bypasser 2.1 on my firefox 4.2 running in Ubuntu, but after this happened, firefox started hanging and it was not possible to start it again in normal mode.

    After checking the updateDate in extensions.json I found that this issue had been just updated and once I disabled it from safe-mode, I got my firefox working again.

    1. Hi RedirectBypasse work only with Firefox 32.0+ Are you using Official Firefox or another fork like PaleMoon? You say "on my firefox 4.2" is that right?

    2. Sorry, I meant firefox 42, shipped with Ubuntu 14.04 (so the standard one)

    3. Hi, i use windows, tried Firefox 42 and 45, and neither starts with redirect bypasser enabled. Had to use safe mode to launch firefox.

    4. Pls try with only Redirect bypasser enable, disable all other extension.

    5. Disabling other extensions doesn't help. As soon as i enable redirect bypasser firefox locks up and stops responding.

    6. Pls try deleting RB settings about:config > extensions.redirectbypasser.opts then restart the browser and enable RB

    7. After deleting settings i can enable the addon. :) The options screen for the addon is completely empty though, only a few colored squares at the top.

    8. Can you check the console for errors? CTRL + SHIFT + K > Console

    9. Ok. i restarted and the option screen fixed itself. The addon works fine now 👍

    10. Hi, can you test version 2.1.1 if the problem still?

    11. I get the same error as Kalvis Kajaks. The error console shows the following:

      ReferenceError: windowList is not defined[Learn More] main.js:630:3

      I can get the extension working for the current session by disabling it then re-enabling it. The next time I open Firefox, it's broken again.

  2. Great work! My review on AMO got removed, I think because I included a link. Anyway, here are my suggestions:

    1) It seems that the URL replacement is done on mouseover (?). The problem is that the replacement is often done _after_ Firefox has already displayed the URL in the status bar. The result is that Firefox is showing the original URL but Redirect Bypasser has already made the replacement.

    I rely on the status bar to know where I'm going next (and if to see Redirect Bypasser made a good replacement). The status bar must _always_ reflect Redirect Bypasser's replacement.

    2) The behavior settings are confusing. I suggest they be designed this way:

    3) If I enable "Highlight active link on the page" and then disable the setting, the highlighting remains even after browser restart. I'm referring to the gray underline below links (I'm assuming this is the 'highlighting").

    4) the Test Area does not reflect the "Highlight active link on the page" setting.

    1. Oops, please ignore 3); my mistake!

    2. I can see that the Test Area actually _does_ reflect the "Highlight active link on the page" setting but it's hard to notice. The highlighted box in the Test Area is very big, not like the links the user sees in practice.

    3. Behavior settings are bit confusing, I will change that.
      I'll test Highlight and Mozilla behaviour

  3. Hi, This link is not working when i clicked on it error appeared that says'Redirect bypasser is unavailable. we are sorry for inconvenience. Plz tell me are you stop making extension for opera browser? i am using your extension for almost 5 years but now its not working in opera. plz help.or else plz advice me any subsitute like yours extension or may be user scripts.

    1. dont open there? Try cleaning the browser cache.

    2. Hey dude did you notice there are 2 more people complaining about the last version in this link?
      "Works great until the latest update. Now it hooked the browser (full CPU usage). Pls change that."
      "High CPU usage after last update."
      Somethings definitely broken in the latest release.

    3. Yes, Im trying to find out the problem. I think some old settings is doing that.

  4. The latest versions of your addition adds style to style tag on each page.
    But first, he adds immediately after the html, which is wrong, and secondly, I kind of like showing off a tooltip, and these styles do not need me at all.
    Please fix it.

  5. From time to time it just stops working in Twitter, and have to disable & enable it in Add-ons to make it come back to life.

  6. Why does this extension turn off and on randomly? After it goes off it doesn't easily turn on again automatically. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstall to have it run again. Pretty annoying on that part.

    1. Hi please check "Enable/disable the extension" keyboard option... change it for a better combination

  7. It's great add-on and used to work great but after last Firefox update icons don't appear near the links. Even add-ons options page shows nothing Please help me to fix this problem.

    1. Hi, please type about:config in adress bar find extensions.redirectbypasser. and delete that, then restart firefox and try enable RB again

  8. It is so that I wish to use it as survey bypasser and I find it totally confusing. I could not see any buttons or anything at all on screen though I enabled the addon. Please help me through it.

  9. Hi Moises,
    Redirect Bypasser is the best extension to avoid redirect I ever used. Could you please upload this extension to chrome store as well? Thank you!

  10. Thank you Moises, this is a pretty excellent extension, still working on how to make some entrances.

  11. This extension is clearly the best of its kind! Could you please make it available for Chrome (and thus for Vivadi)?

  12. Would love this in the chrome store (so I could use it on Vivaldi). I don't seem to be able to find any similar extensions currently.

  13. Can you add e10 (Electrolysis) compatibility please?

  14. Could you please post this as a UserScript like you had on the old site ?
    (Another ex-Opera, now Vivaldi user here)

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  16. Redirect Bypasser seems to be broken. It is no longer working on Google image search or any other site I used to get the RB icons appear on the links.
    I'm using Firefox 53.0; perhaps this recent Firefox update broke the add on.

  17. Funciona no Opera 46.x? Aqui não mostra os "pop-ups" coloridos com os links!

  18. No longer working for the Android Firefox add on. Common guys fix it, it's not working add-ons like yours that makes android Firefox subpar.

  19. Love the add-on, can we bring it back to Firefox?

  20. @Mozlima you disappeared from a long time, I hope u r fine?
    for other ppl who are watching this page for updates
    the webextension version of this addon is ready from a very long time but hasn't been submitted for AMO
    I did submit the addon to sign it and it's working as it should, u can find Mozlima releases at the link below

  21. Wow what a great blog, i really enjoyed reading this, good luck in your work. Stop Redirects Chrome

  22. Hello, I've installed and tried your extension but it seems to not work for my simple case:
    when I browse to this URL it is redirected to
    How to use your extension to not be redirected to ?
    Thank you.

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  25. Hey bro, it was an excellent extention in chrome, it really worked, but now, it isn´t in the chrome store , was removed?? Please fix it, please!!! Thanks

  26. Could you release it for Pale Moon?

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  28. Thanks for sharing this post as it contains a lot of information.

  29. Hi,
    Firefox 95.0(64 bits) portable
    I've installed Redirect Bypasser 2.1.4,but I am unable to show the Options: I get the message 'Unable to load language : fr' and a white page.
    Does it works anyway?
    *Thanks in advance